Pokemon Ruby: Guide to Gameplay and Features to Progress Game

Every kid in the world knows about Pokémon, and their franchise is one of the most popular gaming in then the world. Pokémon is a most popular cartoon in the world, and at this base, the game of Pokémon is also successful in the gaming industry. Pokemon ruby is developed by Nintendo and Pokémon Company for the Gaming boy advance. It is also a gaming platform of many popular games; the graphics and designs are very different from all other types of games.

Gameplay & Features

It is a role-playing game and one the most popular game of the Gaming Boy Advance. The game is has a good storyline to complete also the player has to unlock and find various kind new Pokémon as well. We all know about how deadly fights happen in the game and in the game it is same too, players have to find collect Pokémon by defeating them in fights.

ª  It is quite hard for every player to fight with every Pokémon because many of them are strong. Without having strong Pokémon, players can’t win fights. When battle happens between any Pokémon and any Pokémon trainer the screen splits into two parts and players can see the opponent aspects as well.

ª  It fighting moves and powers are very amazing, players are allowed to use every action, and there is limit of using special attacks. Strong attacks consume the power limit faster, and when it’s over, the player can’t use any more special attacks.

ª  Winning battles provide an experience which helps in an increased level of user. You can get any Pokémon by winning a fight with the particular Pokémon.

After so many years of the continuous show, the love and excitement are not over, and worldwide Pokemon ruby getting more popular.